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Splendid news! Ka Klub GB won third prize for best stand at the Ford Enthusiasts Show at Donington Park on Sunday. And let's face it, it's got to be more fun, more of an exciting day out, more to do than, say......oh i don't know...than going to church for example. Yep, thought you'd agree. Anyway, the show. Klub members from all over the country converged on Donington Saturday for the Klubs AGM. Very important stuff. On to the evening and a party ensued at the local Travelodge. A party which had to switch rooms a couple of times due to complaints of noise. Oops. Up early on Sunday morning, more Klubbers still met at 8am to drive in to the show together. I'm told a great day was had by all those invited. Y'know, it's funny how some outfits, no more than a forum, suddenly decide to call themselves a club. Funnier still if they purport to be free "unless you want to contribute" towards their upkeep, but you don't have to, cos it's free y'know....well, unless you can help us out. Hilarious. Either they're free or they're not. And if they insist on being free, it's only because no one feels they want to dip into their pockets JUST for a forum. I mean, who'd be mad enough to do that eh? I think clubs (if we must call them clubs) who shout about being free are either very naive or very stupid. Some both. Still, we'll leave it to them to find that all the trappings of a club don't grow on trees. Hmm, I guess they could always pray for a miracle.

It's a funny old world.....apparently. More to the point, it's a funny old internet. I mean, we all want our own little bit of "fame" via html, but some people just seem to want to let the world see how childish, pig headed and martyr like they can be in their blog. Not so here. Only 100% genuine, accurate, truthful blogging on my site. Which some might find refreshing considering some of the blogs out there. Then again.........I expect that some readers won't like this page (as someone once said).

Ah well. The show season is drawing to a close, only the Ford Enthusiasts Show at Donington Park in a few weeks and then thats it. Of course the Ka will see the light of day between then and the start of next years season. There's always Southend on Saturday nights, local and national cruises going on and Passionford on the first Wednesday of the month too. Also got a shedload to do to the Ka between now and Donington. Namely, relocating the DVD player now that i've put the Pioneer head back in, getting the dash sprayed black and then refitting the now sparkly shiny panther black dash trim bits. Also got to finally decide whether to retrim the back seats or take them out altogether. hmm...

*it should be noted that my musings here are made as a Ka owner, and NOT as a representative of Ka Klub GB